"The Big Lebowski" Rolls a Strike or Does it?


Written By Doug Zade

You’ve NEVER seen the Big Lebowski, he said?  You’re kidding.

I recently sat down with my son to become, apparently, the last guy on the planet to watch The Big Lebowski, the Cohen brothers big hit about….well…bowling?  My son, not always famous for knowing what I will like, warned me that there were a lot of swear words.  It has been said that at the time this movie set the record for the most foul language.  I can see why.  The dialog is peppered with the F bomb so much that it really isn’t dropping the F bomb, it is more like carpet bombing.  Once you get past the language it is a pretty clever movie, weird to be sure (it is the Cohen brothers after all) but quite clever and quite hilarious at times.  The movie is very funny and the plot, such as it is, is fun to follow.  Jeff Bridges does a great job as “The Dude” and John Goodman, though really foul, is hilarious as the Dude’s best friend Walter Sobchak, the over the top Vietnam veteran and sidekick.  There are some great supporting characters with some enjoyable plot twists.

I did not enjoy the odd sections of the movie where they decided the plot needed some sexual parts.   It was as if Joel Cohen turned to Ethan Cohen and said, “Dang it Ethan, we forgot to put in some nudity.  Let’s just throw some ineffective sexual situations in to enhance the rating.”  They didn’t add to the story and in fact, made it less enjoyable for me.  Frankly they seemed kind of pointless. 

So, would I recommend this movie to a friend?  It depends on the friend but I would probably not.  Did I enjoy it?  Yup, I have to admit, I did.