Episode 28: The Zade Ligairi (An Interview with Joshua Ligairi)

Welcome back to The Zade Storey for a very exciting and insightful episode. Kevin gets to interview real film director Joshua Ligairi. We cover it all from the beginning, to the present and the future.  Mr. Ligairi broke onto the scene with his own documentary Cleanflix in 2009, after being in the industry on lots of different projects including work for National Geographic. Kevin watched the documentary long before he knew the name  but through other Podcasts that Kevin listened to  he became aware of and invited Josh onto our show and he was kind enough to accept. Hope you all enjoy it as much as Kevin did.

Youcan follow Joshua Ligairi on other endeavors such as his own website Icarus Arts & Entertainment or you can hear him on several other podcast including Movie Streamcast The SciFi Podcast and Horror Movie Podcast And make sure to follow him on Twitter 

The clip From Cleanflix was taken off of the trailer at Youtube.com