Episode 13: Hosts in a Cop Car (Cop Car)

Howdy Folks, welcome to episode 13 where Josh and Kevin take an unsuspecting ride in the back of a cop car, as they review the new independent film "Cop Car" starring Kevin Bacon.  As the Zade family welcomes a new member, the hosts are glad to review their last "at home" film ... for  while at least.  The break has been good but the hosts are ready to get back to the theatre and there is no better film to get them ready for that than this slow burn "Coen Brother-esque" thriller about a Cop Car that gets into the wrong hands. 

The clips were taken from the trailer available on youtube

The song "Go My Way"  was performed by The Bacon Brothers and the video can be found here
The Music used to score the Segment "What Happens Next" were found at www.dig.ccmixter.org 
Songs that were included were "Silence Await" By cdk and "Improvisation On Friday" by Alex Beroza