Episode 14: Hosting a Black Mass (Black Mass)

Episode 14 is here and it is great to be back at the theater! Josh and Kevin have finished their one month hiatus from the theater and there first episode back, packs a bang! They review "Black Mass" directed by Scott Cooper starring Johnny Depp as Jimmy "Whitey" Bulger.  Depp brings out his usual shtick but can the hosts take him seriously as a frightening gangster after movies like "The Lone Ranger," or "Pirates of the Caribbean part 9?"  Listen to this episode to find out.

Clips from the film were taken from Youtube and you can find full versions of the video clips Here and Here

Music that was used to score "The Zade Storey Voice Over Trailer Edition" was taken from the song "Take Care Kid" written for the movie back mass by Tom Holkenborg. you can listen to the song in its entirety Here