Episode 14: Pacific Rim Double Feature

On today's episode Kevin and Jacob take shelter from the Kaiju in Studio B (Jacobs House) to bring the listeners their opinion on the "Pacific Rim" films.  Jacob brings Kevin into the world of battling giant "Transformer" like robots and giant "Godzilla" like creatures as they watch both films in one day.  Does this years sequel do the original justice, or like in the case of so many sequels, should this film have remained buried deep beneath the pacific ocean?

Episode 13: The Top Ten films of 2017

Since often movies slated for the Oscars don't even come to theaters near you until January or February it can take a while to catch them all.  In this Episode with the help of listeners and friends Kevin and Jacob cover their top ten films of 2017. Kevin feels as though he and Jacob are in agreement in the best film of the year but one of the hosts provides a M.Night Shyamalan level twist.

Episode 1: Hans Zimmer

It's our first episode as One Brew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and we are lucky to talk with Karl Huddleston of Movie Podcast Weekly.  We talk about our mutual love for Hans Zimmer one of if not the best film composer of all time.  Kevin Zade is joined by co-host Jacob Davis and as you will hear we turn our music nerd selves up to 11.

The film score clips do not belong to the podcast and were taken from youtube.com

Episode 96: An interview with Josh Larsen

Happy Monday. Today marks a great day in history.  It is the total eclipse here in Oregon and Kevin gets a chance to interview and talk with Josh Larsen.  Josh Larsen is the author of "Movies are Prayers" and the co-host of one of Kevin's favorite movie podcasts "Filmspotting." They discuss Josh's new book as well as a fellow passion for viewing films critically.

The theme music for "The Zade Storey" was written and recorded by Kevin Zade.  You can follow Kevin's guest Josh Larsen by clicking the following links.  Follow Josh on Twitter, find Josh at his website larsenonfilm.com, and listen to him on his podcast Filmspotting.