One Brew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a movie podcast hosted by Kevin and Doug Zade


The Son

Kevin Zade was born in 1987. He loves movies, music, and music in movies. His favorite films are centered around complex characters, and troubled protagonists, often requiring very little plot or story-line. A great film in Kevin’s eyes needs no sappy or unbelievable ending, and he would argue that no ending at all can sometimes be the best conclusion to a film. He is a happy father of two sweet little girls, and is grateful to be married to his high school sweetheart.


The Father

Doug Zade was born in 1953. He loves sports, movies, and movies about sports. His favorite films make him laugh and some might describe them as fluffy. A great film in Dougs eyes must have a strong story as the essential trait. Having been a Marine and a public school teacher for 37 years he knows what the real world is like. Therefore he doesn’t like to experience sadness or trauma, but is willing to admit when a film is “Well Made.” Doug is married to his college sweetheart and is the father of three children.